Wedding Planning Tips

How to begin my Wedding steps
  • 1 Create a realistic budget in mind
  • 2 Pick a date
  • 3 Have an idea of how many guests you will invite, so you know which venues you should be looking at!
  • 4 Decide what’s important to you! food? Party? Finishing time? Sea views? location?
  • 5 Do you have a style in mind, a vision of what you want your wedding venue to look like?
  • 6 Once you know all of the above contact a wedding planner for advice or assistance. They can take all the early stresses away from you.
  • 7 If you don’t want a wedding planner, begin contact venues! Ask for samples of past weddings and costings.
Why have a wedding planner?

A bride once told me a GOOD Wedding planner is a very special gift that you give yourself!

Then you wonder how you could have ever lived without one!

How to select the right venue.

You shouldn’t have to make a venue fit you! there is more than enough options out there, to suit all budgets. Be patient and the right venue that gives you the butterflies in your stomach will come your way!

How to plan a budget

Be realistic! To plan a budget, you need to have the correct facts! We have clients contact us and say they have 5000.00 euros for 100 guests and what everything they see on our Instagram. We get called wedding fairies not miracle workers! Write a list of what you want for your wedding:

  • – Legalities costs
  • – church or location costs
  • – transportations for bride /groom/ entourage/ guests
  • – flowers- don’t scrimp in the wrong places, your ceremony won’t be the same! You can always reuse ceremony flowers if needed for tables.
  • – Music- ceremony / welcome drinks/ meal/ pre-evening / evening
  • – hair and make up
  • – wedding cake
  • – food and beverage/ special toast drink
  • -photographer/ videographer
  • -stationary- ceremony booklets/ tables names/ place names/ seating plan/ menus/ bar menus
  • -finishing touches
  • -wedding favours
How to select my suppliers

A wedding planner should help you and give you a good selection of options. make sure you have control!! I hear so many times I have t ask my wedding planner! WHAT!!! That’s not a wedding planner if you must ask her! You are the boss, you employ your wedding planner for guidance and advice! Ask for references, check out their social medium for real clients, checkout forums where past clients are speaking about them! Then ask your venue what’s there experience with them.

Wedding cake planning!

Couples always ask about ordering a cake and what size to order,
they don’t want to order too much or too little. Here is something to help.


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